Becky Brewer

“Hi Linda, after just over three months of regularly participating in your Restorative and Chair Yoga classes, I want to share with you the benefits that I am seeing. For years, I have experienced a lot of shoulder and neck pain caused from the stress of sitting at a computer, driving a lot, and an active golfing lifestyle. Prior to Yoga, I was visiting my Chiropractor a couple times a month and also going to a deep tissue massage therapist at least a couple times a month, just to keep from being in constant shoulder pain. Most of my problem is muscle related. Yoga has definitely made a big difference in reducing my pain level. I am stronger, more flexible, and am experiencing fewer painful muscle issues. I have been able to utilize Yoga in my daily lifestyle and significantly reduce the need for constant Chiropractic and deep tissue massage care.

You do a great job and I just want to thank you!”


Christine Acheson

“Thanks for introducing me to Chair Yoga. I had expectations of doing a variety of stretches, but you made it so much more meaningful. I loved all your tips and reasons why we need to do certain movements (like the feet and toes). And the shavasana was wonderful. Your teaching style is so gentle yet encouraging. I really enjoyed your class and aspire to have the same approach with students!”

Stephani Young

“90 minutes of pure relaxation! In a world of chaos and stress it’s good to have a technique like Urban Zen to help restore calm, peacefulness and balance.

Linda Becker at Loveland Yoga and Wellness provides a safe and comfortable space to experience an Urban Zen session. I would absolutely do this again.”

Mary Jo Mills
“Linda’s gifts are her creativity and gentleness as she guides her students to a practice that meets each individual where they are.
A student of hers for a couple of years now, I am currently enrolled in her teacher training program to deepen my practice.
The curriculum is well thought out and organized in a way which makes the trainings very interesting, fun, intriguing and you find yourself curious to know more.
The transformation begins when you realize that all of the learning, knowing and doing is actually giving way to an opportunity to let go and surrender into a balance between effort and ease on our mats and in our lives.
Then the receiving really begins!
It’s a life changing experience and one which I am so grateful that I decided to have with Linda by my side!
She will be forever in my heart.”


Suzanne Telintelo
Certified Life Coach

“Linda is passionate about helping people through yoga and wellness therapies. She has an amazing ability to work with everyone with her gentle and hands on style. She is extremely knowledgeable, creative and determined to find what will best work for the individual. I highly recommend Linda if you want to release patterns that keep you stuck: physically, emotionally or spiritually.”


Becky Rohrer

“I practiced with Linda for the first time this morning, and was very impressed. Her style is quiet and informative, and she is very detailed with her instructions as she guides you through the poses. This is the place to go if you’re new to yoga. Her studio is clean and warm, and she has a wide variety of clean props to enhance your yoga experience.
I’m looking forward to my next visit, and would highly recommend Linda.”


Crystal Hickey

“I want to spread the news!!!! The lovely Linda Becker has a beautiful space for yoga and healing touch. Cozy warm private and inviting. If you are thinking of trying yoga or a seasoned yogi this place will meet your needs! Linda is the best kept secret in Loveland! Peace”


Tara Schnicke

“Wonderful. Linda has been my yoga instructor for 8 years. I love her new studio in downtown Loveland.”


Lee Anne Gfroerer

“Earlier today I received a wonderful treatment called “Raindrop Technique” from Linda Becker. I was feeling depleted  from a recent illness and my nerves were “on edge.” The Loveland Yoga and Wellness Center is a warm and welcoming place. Soon after the therapy began, I became deeply relaxed in Linda’s capable hands. The use of different oils brought a sense of calm energy and wellbeing. I felt a sense of grounding that had recently escaped me. Even now, hours later I’m feeling the positive effects of the oils in my body and the scent continues to remind me of the lovely Raindrop Technique.”


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