Class Descriptions

Urban Zen/Restorative  A very gentle practice incorporating simple movements, breath awareness techniques, guided meditations and restorative positions while seated and lying on the floor, using blankets, pillows, bolsters and other props to completely support the body in comfortable positions.  This self-care practice deeply relaxes the body and enhances the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems.  Essential Oils and Reiki are woven in to this restorative practice to help balance the body promoting self-healing and wellness. This class is appropriate for all addressing symptoms of pain, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues and exhaustion.

Mixed Levels Yoga  This is an active class designed for all levels. The use of props and modifications will be offered to make the postures available to everyone. Mini-flows linked with breath and static holds will be incorporated in to the sequence. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace. You should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor but it need not be graceful!

Therapeutic Yoga   This class is appropriate for everyone. No prior yoga experience necessary. Perfect for beginners and those recovering from an injury or surgery. Perfect for joint or back pain and stress reduction. Yoga Therapy supports and compliments modern medicine, lessening the need for medications and promoting a sense of well-being. You will move gently and slowly to build strength to support your spine and joints. You will learn breathing techniques to lessen symptoms of pain and stress. Props and modifications will be offered to meet you where you are today. 

Chair Yoga   This class offers a chair for comfort rather than sitting on the floor for seated positions. The chair is also available for standing postures as needed for balance and proper alignment. Chair yoga is an excellent way to become more flexible, stronger and calmer in a gentle way.  Learn “portable” techniques to take with you on the go!

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