10711061_924096354285162_7868749145268458714_nHave you been wanting to include essential oils into your self care practices? Do you want to learn how essential oils can address symptoms of stress, sadness, pain, digestive issues and exhaustion? As a yoga teacher, would you like to incorporate essential oils in to your classes safely and appropriately?

This workshop will cover:

the history of essential oils
not all oils are created equally
how essential oils work and improve our health
safety and precautions
proper use and applications
how to pair oils with energy centers of the body (chakras) to promote balance
how to safely incorporate essential oils in to yoga classes to address specific conditions and promote well being
experience yin and yang practices paired with essential oils
This workshop will be held Friday 10/25 6-9pm, Saturday 12-3pm and Sunday 12-3pm.

Tuition: $195. Early Bird by 10/12: $175.

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